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Pheonix and Queeny's Nursery

Puppies have arrived on September 10th, 2014.
All Puppies have been adopted.

She has been adopted
By Janice

She has been adopted by
Nicole and her family
Excellent breeder- I picked up my liver girl kahlua and she is the sweetest puppy. She loves to cuddle and is well behaved. We r now in the process of potty training her. I don't think there will be a problem as she is picking it up quickly. I recommend our breeder Sharon as she gave us happy healthy little girl.
November 23, 2014

She has been adopted by Cory and Tayor
Thank you! We absolutely love seeing other pictures of her and her family they are so precious!!! We have decided to name her Sophie Addison, she is the sweetest puppy!! She has been cuddling with us all day and continuously has her tail waging. We are so in love with her!!! She seems to be adjusting well! She ate a good amount for dinner and we haven't had any accidents yet!! She has gone potty outside every time!!
Thank you again! We will work on a review and definitely recommend you to our family and friends if they are ever looking for a new puppy!! We will continue to keep you updated with her progress!!
Taylor, Cory, and Sophie
December 13,2014

She has been adopted
by Victoria

He has been adopted by
Jason and Tony
Max purchased Nov 29th
I would totally recommend this breeder. With interactions mainly via email due to our circumstances she was able to deliver excellent customer service and kept us informed with regular emails and pictures until we picked Max up. Max has been well looked after and is sociable and extremely healthy. The essentials needed for the first few days of bringing our puppy home where supplied with a ton of other items essential for your new family member. This was totally unexpected but shows how much this breeder loves her dogs. If you are looking for a reputable and extremely caring breeder then look no further.
November 30, 2014